About Us

Zentosa Living is a Melbourne-based wellness brand specialising in Scented Reed Diffusers.

Zentosa is a blend of two words: 'Zen' and 'Santosha' (a Sanskrit word for contentment).

At Zentosa Living we are passionate about beauty and daily self-care. Our lovingly-crafted scented diffusers are designed to add an extra touch style and elegance to your home, while scenting your space with peaceful vibes.

We want to bring a feeling of peace and more love into your home, inspiring moments for you to pause and connect to your heart, while feeling relaxed and at ease.

Take a moment to mindfully inhale the soothing scent and breathe more Zen into your sanctuary one breath at a time.


Our Founder

Hello! I’m Amirul - a conscious design professional and also the founder of Zentosa Living. Whenever people ask me how I came up with my brand and product, I simply laugh and tell them that it came to me during a meditation practice that I did to center myself during lockdown last year.

Being a busy professional, I understand the struggles of working on a daily schedule and how confusing it gets when you are sharing your workspace with your home or sanctuary. It blurs the boundaries between work and home.

I wanted to find a way to feel more calm and centered in my space and create something unique that will help us all slow down and stay grounded at the end of a busy day.

This led me to create the beautiful Shanti Diffuser, that’s unlike any other reed diffuser out there. It features a unique design and uplifting Cedarwood scent, that inspires you to fall in love even more with your sanctuary and access that place of peace within ourselves.

I hope Zentosa Living can help you feel more Zen… one breath at a time.