How long will my diffuser last?

Your diffuser will last up to 4 months! To extend the life of your diffuser, place it in a cool well-ventilated area and keep out of direct sunlight. When the diffuser can no longer be used, remove any residue liquid, rinse with hot water and reuse or recycle the glass bottle as you please.

Where can I put my diffuser?

Your diffuser will work best in ‘high traffic’ areas within your home, such as interior doorways, hallways, and bathrooms. 

Can I re-use my reed diffuser stick?

We don’t suggest you re-use your reed diffuser sticks, particularly when you switch to a new fragrance and if the reeds become clogged with dust. 

Is my reed diffuser environmentally friendly?

All reed diffusers are environmentally friendly and long-lasting. They are a safe way to scent a space with no hot wax or open flame. They are vegan friendly, as they are mostly made up of synthetic ingredients and aren’t tested on animals. Your diffuser base doesn’t contain phthalates or parabens.

What are the main safety recommendations? 

Don’t light reeds. Don’t ingest. Keep out of reach of pets and children and pets. Be careful not to tip over the diffuser particularly with opening. 

Please avoid contact with eyes and skin. Always wash your hands after touching the product. If an eye or skin reaction occurs, seek medical advice immediately. Keep away from naked flames, children and pets. Do not place the bottle directly onto fabric or furniture. If spilled, liquid may damage paint and other surfaces. Do not swallow. Seek medical attention if consumed.