Introducing our Shanti Series with Beautiful Cedarwood Oil

Infuse your home with a sense of calm and peace. Simply sit back and allow our decorative reed diffuser to scent your chosen space with a subtle yet strong cedarwood fragrance. Makes a perfect luxury gift idea for your loved one.

“Shanti” is the Sanskrit word for peace. And with this in mind, we have carefully crafted our Shanti Collection to help you feel grounded and at ease at the end of a long day.

Sweet and balsamic, woodsy scent

What does Cedarwood smell like? Our Cedarwood oil features a pleasant woodsy scent - mixed with sweet aromatic notes of Bergamot, Geranium, and Vetiver.

Experience a scent so powerfully in nature - it’s almost like you’re taking a walk in an evergreen forest at the comfort of your own home!

Breathe in Zen

Relieves stress and anxiety

Like taking a walk through the evergreen forest, Cedarwood soothes the soul. Its earthy, woodsy scent is thought to reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Various studies show that the alcohol, Cedrol, present in the oils of conifer trees, features sedative properties that improve calmness and alleviate stress.

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Enjoy up to 120 days

Our Shanti diffusers (6.7fl. Oz / 200ml) are large, which means it will continuously fill your home with an invigorating aroma for up to 120 days!

That's 4 months of aromatic ambience that will make anyone who enters your home feel like they walked into a spa!

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Now 2x stronger, yet subtle

We’ve also increased our fragrance strength to 25% - so you can enjoy a stronger scent throw that remains subtle and not overpowering.

Simply place the stick into the diffuser. Then leave it and calmly breathe in relaxation.

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See what other customers are saying on Amazon!

  • Very pretty!

    "The cedarwood scent is more evergreen than I anticipated! Very attractive item, and the packaging felt high end."

    – Dee

  • I absolutely love it!

    "The smell in the living space isn’t to strong, I think it’s perfect that way which is just the way I like it enough to put a beautiful scent through but not overpowering like some others."

    – Aimee

  • Best scent ever!

    "We saw and smelled this diffuser in a rental home and immediately ordered two for our house when we got home. The tree is a nice change from the traditional sticks. Our family loves these!"

    – Turbomum


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a reed diffuser work?

Reed diffusers are popular home fragrance products that allow aroma to continuously diffuse into the air throughout an entire room or area. Compared to scented candles, reed diffusers produce fragrances that usually last longer and don't require an open flame.

Where to place a reed diffuser?

Your diffuser will work best in ‘high traffic’ areas within your home, such as interior doorways, hallways and bathrooms.

How long do reed diffusers last?

Your diffuser will last up to 120 days! – That's up to 4 months of aromatic ambience that will make anyone who enters your home feel like they walked into a spa!

How to make my reed diffuser last longer?

To extend the life of your diffuser, place it in a cool well-ventilated area and keep out of direct sunlight. When the diffuser can no longer be used, remove any residue liquid, rinse with hot water and reuse or recycle the glass bottle as you please.